Sunday, June 17, 2012

[Swatch & Review] essence Trend Edition Snow White - glitter toppers

Hi guys!

Today I'm doing a swatch post, which, as you may have noticed, I usually don't do - I only show you polishes I wore for at least a few hours. But I'm changing things up a little today, so here we go with the three glitter toppers from one of essence's latest Trend Editions - Snow White!

01 Evil Queen

essence Evil Queen macro

macro shot

I started with a base of two coats of Catrice "Who Are Blue", which you can admire here in full sunlight:
Catrice Who Are Blue sunlight

Followed by two to three coats of Evil Queen, depending on how much glitter I managed to get on the nail. It looks fairly packed in the bottle, but there seems to be a lot of the transparent base and you don't really end up with much glitter on after only one coat... Followed by one coat of fast drying top coat.

essence Evil Queen over Catrice Who Are Blue sunlight essence Evil Queen over Catrice Who Are Blue shade/indoors

left: sunlight; right: shade/indoors

02 The Huntsman

essence The Huntsman macro

macro shot

I started with two coats of essie "A Crewed Interest", which I already showed in a previous post. I'd worn that for two days, then put two coats of The Huntsman and one coat of fast drying top coat over it.

Barry M 3 in 1, essie A Crewed Interest, essence Snow White The Huntsman, MNY my top coat drying effect

base and top coat used for all swatches; essie A Crewed Interest and essence The Huntsman

essence The Huntsman over essie A Crewed Interest sunlight 1 essence The Huntsman over essie A Crewed Interestsunlight 2

both pictures in direct sunlight (because I forgot to take one in shade...)

03 Prince Charming

essence Prince Charming macro

macro shot

Last up is "Prince Charming". I started with three coats of Milani "Dude Blue", a neon blue polish. Am I the only one thinking of The Dude because of that name? :P Anyway, here it is in full sunlight:

Milani NEON Dude Blue

It was followed by two coats of Prince Charming and one coat of fast drying top coat.

essence Prince Charming over Milani Dude Blue sunlight essence Prince Charming over Milani Dude Blue shade/indoors

left: sunlight; right: shade/indoors

Final thoughts?
Evil Queen - I'm disappointed with this polish. My favorite color (family) is purple, but this glitter topper is the most boring one out of the three. Only one type of glitter, and it's hard to get a satisfying amount of the hexagonal pieces on the nail without applying many coats or fishing for them. I like the color, but otherwise I'm not satisfied or impressed.

The Huntsman - I was pleasantly surprised with this one because it looked very brown in all the photos I had seen of it beforehand, and I don't really like brown as a color all too much. But in the store it turned out to be a wonderful brownish-gold coppery color and I really liked it over A Crewed Interest. My only complaint are the random, weird-sized and -shaped iridescent (? they sparkle with all colors of the rainbow in the sun) glitter pieces. I would have preferred them to be absent, but well. It's still a pretty polish, and, as I said, a pleasant surprise.

Prince Charming - The unexpected favorite out of the three. I didn't care for it all that much when I saw the press release pictures; it looked a bit similar to China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara, which I showed in a recent post, but it's actually not much like it at all. The fine glitter in Prince Charming is a rainbow one and I think it fits the name quite perfectly. I love how it looked over Dude Blue.

That's it for today, I hope you found this helpful and/or interesting ^^

P. S.: A quick note on the new labeling on my pictures... Two days ago someone on Photobucket commented on one of my pictures, then uploaded that and another one of my pictures to their own Photobucket album. I don't know if that can already be considered stealing or not, but I was definitely NOT happy about it. So I decided to label all my photos from now on... I'm not too pleased because I think it makes them less appealing, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you can still enjoy the pictures even with the stupid label on them.

Oh, a few more things: Wow, fantastic baby! Dance! Uuuuh-uuuh~ I wanna dance dance dance da-dance! Boom shakalaka!
That is all.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

essie - Watermelon; Artdeco eyeshadows and duo eyeshadow box

Hey guys!

Today I have essie's Watermelon for you! Let's get right into it...

Here's what I used for this manicure:

Barry M all in one, essie Watermelon, MNY my top coat drying effect

Barry M All In One, essie Watermelon, MNY my top coat drying effect

On to swatches!

essie Watermelon 1 essie Watermelon 6 essie Watermelon 7 essie Watermelon 2

One coat of Barry M, two thin coats of Watermelon, one coat of top coat. I love how this color is a reddish pink, but not red enough to make my skin look weird or intensify its redness. I feel comfortable wearing this color, which normally with bold, bright pinks or reds I really don't. Actually, I think I can't red make look good on myself for the life of me.

I've mentioned before that I prefer blue and aqua tones, as well as purples and some greens, also in clothing. You'll rarely see me wearing red or (bright) pink. Anyway, I like this color a lot and I'm happy I picked it up ^_^

I was only searching through the essie display to get my free little bag (sadly, it looks kind of cheap to me) and glass nail file (it's very small), which currently comes with every purchase of two essie polishes in certain Müller drugstores. I picked up Watermelon and Cute As A Button (which everyone, their mother and their cat seems to be swatching, reviewing, wearing and raving about lately), two very NOT ME colors, haha! I seem to have been in a pink and red kind of mood yesterday, since I also bought two Catrice polishes (Abloom from the Coolibri LE and Jetsetter from the Cruise Couture LE) that look quite similar to the essies. They definitely are not dupes, though.

And just for fun a little comparison to a real watermelon! ^_^

essie Watermelon and actual Watermelon 2

essie Watermelon and actual Watermelon 1

Now here's what else I picked up at Müller. Two Artdeco eyeshadows and a pretty box to store them in!

Artdeco duo eyeshadow box front Artdeco duo eyeshadow box opened Artdeco duo eyeshadow box inside

Artdeco Beauty Box Duo for Eyeshadows from the Marrakesch Sunset Limited Edition

And here are the two eyeshadows up close:

Artdeco eyeshadows 374 (Dita van Teese) and 879 (pure minerals)

Number 374 from the Dita van Teese LE and number 879 from the pure Minerals LE

The first one I picked up was 374, and that was more by chance than anything else, haha. I saw the limited edition display and decided to check it out since I like Dita van Teese's amazing style and I'm a sucker for limited stuff (can you tell?). I didn't really see anything eye-catching that I would want (plus no prices to be found anywhere... what the heck?), but then I pulled out the tester slide and fell in love with 374 and it's soft gold shimmer. So against my better judgement (my eyes are probably not gonna like it since they are overly sensitive), I took it. These thingies are so small, I was almost afraid I'd drop it. I had seen an empty box you can fill with either four eyeshadows or one eyeshadow and one blush, but yeah... I only had one eyeshadow and didn't intend to buy blush, so I needed a smaller case. I found one for three eyeshadows, but that was still too much. So finally I found a case for only two eyeshadows at the (by now pretty old) Marrakesch Sunset display. Yay! It had already been opened and stuffed back into the little plastic packaging without care, but I just put it back in as neatly as I could with only one free hand. So I had to find a second eyeshadow to make buying the case really worthwhile... I saw the pure Minerals display and after looking at the eyeshadows shortly just took the blue one, number 879. Those two displays had prices, so I could approximately guess what I was going to spend on the three items. I think the eyeshadows are quite overpriced, but well.

Let me know if you want to see other make-up related things (not only polish) on here, but be warned: I have never ever really used make-up so far. I sometimes wore khol when I was younger (and my eyes weren't sensitive yet), but that's it. I have no experience whatsoever with anything, haha. But seeing how quickly I learned about nail polish-related stuff, I think I could do the same again with face make-up.

And you're released for today, lol! See you soon :)