Monday, July 30, 2012

Clinique chubby sticks - woppin' watermelon and pudgy peony

Hey guys!

Today I have something a little different to show you. Clinique recently came out with new shades for their chubby sticks, which are basically highly moisturizing tinted lip balms. The name seems quite befitting, since they are shaped similarly to those huge colored pencils that many of us used as kids ^_^ I'm babbling a bit here, so if you want straight-up facts just go right to the bottom of the post where I give my final verdict!

I saw these a few times on blogs lately and was intrigued by the promise of combining color and great moisturizing quality. My lips get dry even during summer; not as much as during winter, but still. So about a week ago I broke and managed to ignore the horrendous price tag of EUR 19.49 (~ USD 24 - the price varies a little, depending on which store you buy from, I got my two chubby sticks at Müller) and purchased woppin' watermelon.

I was initially after curvy candy since 1. it seemed to be the most suitable shade for me from the new range and 2. I didn't know what the shades that have been around for longer already looked like.
When I was at the store, though, I swatched curvy candy, realized there wouldn't be much color visible at all on my lips (which are usually naturally quite red, except when I'm sick or very tired, lol) and went to check out the "old" colors as well. The name of woppin' watermelon sounded funny, and what can I say? It was pretty much love at first swatch. I compared it with curvy candy, realized the color payoff was better and that I even liked the color more, so it went into my basket!

Since then, I was amazed by the great moisturizing quality of this little stick. The color is very sheer but gives a nice tint (well, duh) and shine to the lips. It's not as shiny as lipgloss, though, which is a huge plus in my book. I don't like lipgloss, sorry. I liked woppin' watermelon so much that I had to get another shade, and this time I chose pudgy peony. Now let's see what these two colors look like swatched.

top: woppin' watermelon, bottom: pudgy peony

As you can see, woppin' watermelon is a very light and sheer pink, while pudgy peony is a little more pigmented and leans on the purplish side.

I really like them both, although my boyfriend just said that pudgy peony looks very bright and almost neon (I have it on right now as I'm typing this) which almost makes me feel sad (silly, I know). I suppose I could go lighter on application next time I use it ^^; And yes, that's my hand in the swatch picture. Next time you think "she can't be that pale", think of that picture and reconsider, lol.

Final verdict: The Clinique chubby sticks are exactly what they promise to be - "moisturizing lip colour balms" (statement on the chubby sticks themselves and the packaging). I think these are great for summer if you want a bit of color but feel that lipstick would be too heavy. There are lots of shades of pink and red as well as some purplish or brownish ones so you are almost guaranteed to find something you like.

Some more facts:
price: EUR 19.49/~ USD 24.- (price may be different depending on where you purchase)
content: 3 g/0.10 oz (I feel like a little goes a long way here.)

Overall I really like these. They feel good on my lips and the slight pop of color is nice as well.

I hope you enjoyed this little (or not so little) break from the usual polish posts. See you again soon!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

bloop - unnamed blue foil

Hey guys!

This is my second gift from the trip to Malaysia, a blue foil by bloop. Unfortunately, there is no indication as to what it's called on the bottle. Maybe it doesn't even have a name :( Anyway, let's get into it!

All pictures taken next to the window with direct light, overcast but bright sky outside. The weather is really crazy lately, especially yesterday and today it can't decide between rain and storm and sun. Anyway, this is two coats layered over yummy. It gave an interesting effect with only one coat, but of course I wanted to see if I could get the blue to be opaque. It had nice coverage after the second coat.
Dry time wasn't too great, even with fast drying top coat I could still dent it quite a while later and even peel it off. Maybe that wouldn't be the case if you use it on its own.
Something that I noticed right away is that this thing stinks of chemicals. To me, it smells very similar to Sèche Vite. So I am guessing this polish is not 3-free, though I can't say which of the big 3 is in it as there is no indication on the ingredients anywhere.

Bottom line: I like the color, but the smell really puts me off. I'm glad yummy didn't smell bad at all, it was no different from the other polishes I have.

See you again soon!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

IN2IT - yummy

Hey guys!

Today I have a special polish to show you. A friend of mine recently went to Malaysia (so jelly) and, knowing of my love for nail polish, she bought two bottles for me! I was so happy! ^_^ So here we go with yummy!

This is one coat. I don't quite know if this is generally described as a foil, a frost, or a metallic. I'm thinking it has a bit of all of those. But I GUESS most people would say it's a foil. Sweet broom, I'm totally unsure. Help me out?

I really like this one and I find the name quite fitting and cute. Application and drying time were great, it hardly needed the fast drying top coat.

Do you own any foreign brand nail polish from the other end of the world? ^_^

Friday, July 27, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues: Day Five - date in the moonlight and english rose

Hey guys!

Today is the final day of my little series. We're checking out a dark blue with blue shimmer and a red-brownish polish.

date in the moonlight

top: direct sunlight; bottom: indoors

Two coats for good and even coverage. This is with topcoat (unlike all the other photos, by the way) because I feel like topcoat sometimes helps bring out the shimmer in polishes with a dark base color. I don't think this was the case here, though. Anyway, I really like this one.

english rose

top: direct sunlight; bottom: indoors

Two coats for nice coverage. It comes out a bit more brownish on the nail than it looks in the bottle, but it's not so brown that I dislike it. Not a big hit, but not a miss either.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my mini series a bit! I definitely learned that posting every day is so not for me. It just turns into a mess and I feel bad for that. I want to offer you guys at least decent photos, but time is always running through my fingers like sand in the evening and so I failed.

If anything, this was a good experience. And it showed me that I need to start taking good care of my nails and cuticles again, because let's be honest, they look hideous right now. I have major peeling issues on both my pointer finger nails, they are so thin at the moment it's not even funny. I'm not even gonna start talking about my cuticles... Anyway. I really hope that, even though some things went worse than planned, you got at least SOMETHING out of this series. Whether it be a little help in deciding if you would like any of these polishes for your stash or the knowledge that I suck ;)

See you later this weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues: Day Four - stuck on you and what's my name?

Hey guys!

Sorry I'm so late today - I went to eat an early dinner with a friend after work and got home pretty late, then I just had to shower and now it's already past ten p. m. Anyway, today we're looking at a dark blue with silver shimmer and a brown-purplish polish.

stuck on you

This is one coat over "what's my name?", if you use a fairly thick coat it also covers well without a base underneath. "stuck on you" is a very dark blue with grey tones (or so it seems to me) and silver shimmer. It may sound corny, but this polish reminds me of the night sky. I really really like this one.

what's my name?

Two coats. I'm not sure if I like this color. Maybe I've said it before, I'm not very fond of browns, be it in polish or anything else really. But it looks better than some other colors I thought I'd like, so maybe it's not so bad after all. It looks like it has puple undertones, so that might be the reason I don't find it hideous. It's not as brown as it appears in the photo.

I'm sorry I only have two pictures today. Both were taken in my bathroom directly under the little light spots we have. It's already pitch black outside so I had no choice since I did want to publish this post today.
So this is it for today, tomorrow I shall make up for this little disaster.

Edit on 07/27/12:
Here are some better pictures in sunlight and natural light indoors!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues: Day Three - i'm bluetiful and ballerina's charm

Hey guys!

Welcome to Day Three of my mini series! Today we're gonna check out a blue polish with big silver glitter particles and a light greyed out lavender/pink polish with silver shimmer.

i'm bluetiful

top: direct sunlight; bottom: indoors

This is one thick coat. It covers quite well and the color reminds me of jeans ^^ I like it, but the silver glitter is very obvious even without sunlight making it shine. So it's maybe not the most work-appropriate polish (for my workplace).

ballerina's charm

top: direct sunlight; bottom: indoors

Two coats, fairly thin. If you use thicker coats it can look pretty good in one. I actually already wore this a short while back (about two weeks ago maybe?) and it also held up well. I used one coat then and for once I didn't have ANY tipwear whatsoever after work! Amazing. I really like how essence has reformulated their polishes, I feel like both coverage and application are noticeably better than before, at least for the colors I've tried so far.

Finally, colors I actually like and enjoy, haha! Thanks for stopping by and I'd be so happy to have you stop by again tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues - Day Two: oh my glitter! and grey-t to be here

Hey guys!

And so we meet again... for the second installment of my mini series! The second pair is made up of a grey-ish and a purple polish.

oh my glitter!

Both indoors and without direct sunlight - I'm sorry, the sun had already disappeared around the corner of the house :(

This is two coats. The shimmer is really nice in my opinion, it's pink/reddish. Unfortunately, it's not very visible if there's not a whole lot of light.

grey-t to be here

Both indoors and without direct sunlight.

Can you believe that this is only one coat? Pretty amazing, huh? Sorry about the smudge on my ring finger. The shimmer in this one is pink and looks like micro flakies. It's really subtle if there's not a lot of light, if not invisible, haha. I'm a bit disappointed about that, but well.

Thanks for stopping by (again?) and see you tomorrow for Day Three!

Monday, July 23, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues - Day One: i love bad boys and love's recipe

Hey guys!

We're starting the series with the first pair! I'm going from light to dark over the next days, so today I have a beige and a turquoise/blue-green-ish polish for you :)

i love bad boys

top: sunlight, bottom: indoors (sun shining through the window behind me)

Three thin coats. If you have smooth nails two coats will probably be enough, but they shouldn't be too thin. I love the shimmer in this slightly dusty turquoise/aqua polish, but overall I'm not too overwhelmed by the beauty or anything. It's not ugly, but a bit of a let-down for me personally. I had just expected something different.

On the bright side, the first thing that pops into my mind whenever I see the name is this:

Sorry I'm a bad boy~

Now if only a company would create a polish called Fantastic... or Wow. I'd be totally on board with that.
love's recipe

top: sunlight, bottom: indoors (sun shining through the window behind me)

Three coats. I didn't really like the formula on this one. It's on the thick side (not yet gloopy) and I think that is, in part, due to the gold glitter/flecks/shimmer particles in it. There also seem to be dark micro glitter particles in it, or maybe that's just the gold glitter when it's not hit directly by light. In any case, this looks like sand to me. Not too fond of this color, at least not on me. The second let-down today, but well, we have eight more polishes to go so I still have plenty of chances to find something I really like ^_^

That's it for the first installment of the series, I hope you'll stop by again tomorrow for the next pair!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

For the Love of Lacquer sings the Blues - and a purple, a turquoise and some neutrals

Hey guys!

Just making a quick announcement for a little series I'm planning for the coming week. Essence just switched from their spring/summer range to their fall/winter range, introducing some new colors as well as their new bottle shape in the process.
I noticed that I picked exactly ten shades from the new range, and surprisingly five of them are colorful shades while the other five are more neutral. See for yourself:

from left to right, top to bottom:
i love bad boys, oh my glitter!, i'm bluetiful, stuck on you, date in the moonlight
love's recipe, grey-t to be here, ballerina's charm, what's my name?, english rose

I wanted to show what I got from the new range anyway, but since the colors and numbers are so funnily in my favor, I thought "Why not make it a series?" and so the idea was born...
For the next five days, I will make a post every day to show you one colorful and one neutral shade.

I hope you look forward to this little series as much as I do. See you tomorrow!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

OPI - Don't touch my Tutu! with Pirouette my Whistle; new polish storage

Hey guys!

Another sheer sandwich with polishes from the New York City Ballet collection! As if you haven't seen enough of those already, haha. Anyway, here we go.

OPI - Don't touch my Tutu! and Pirouette my Whistle

OPI Don't touch my Tutu! and Pirouette my Whistle bottle shot

OPI Don't touch my Tutu! and Pirouette my Whistle 3 OPI Don't touch my Tutu! and Pirouette my Whistle 2

OPI Don't touch my Tutu! and Pirouette my Whistle 1

Two coats of Don't touch my Tutu!, then one coat of Pirouette my Whistle and another coat of Don't touch my Tutu!.

I personally like the combination with Care to Danse? better. I think the white kind of swallows the silver glitter and it seems to me that the glitter is less obvious. But I still like this mani quite a bit.

In other news, I bought a big storage for my polish today!

polish storage

polish storage top left drawer polish storage top right drawer

polish storage first of 4 big drawers

top left, top right and first of four wide drawers

So now I have plenty of space for all my beauty stuff. The drawer on the very bottom holds all the make-up things I own, nail accessories, shower gel, body lotion and body butters... Yep, I kinda just threw everything together, haha!

See you soon!

Music played during the writing of this post:
EXO - What is Love
Rain - Rainism
Hyuna - Bubble Pop
T-ara - Roly Poly

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[Clash of the Polishes] Astor - 202 vs Rimmel - Blue My Mind vs essence - passion for fashion vs Barry M - Indigo

Hey guys!

Today I have a comparison of four polishes for you that all seem quite similar. Let's see if there are any dupes among them - it's time to jump in the ring!

Astor 202, Rimmel Blue my Mind, essence passion for fashion, Barry M Indigo bottle shot

202, Blue My Mind, passion for fashion, Indigo

You can already see from the bottle shots that 202 and passion for fashion as well as Blue My Mind and Indigo kind of form "pairs", meaning they are more similar to each other than to the other polishes in the group.

Astor 202, Rimmel Blue my Mind, essence passion for fashion, Barry M Indigo comparison 2 Astor 202, Rimmel Blue my Mind, essence passion for fashion, Barry M Indigo comparison 1

A comment on coverage: Indigo can be made perfect in one coat, essence barely needs two, Blue My Mind needed three and 202 is so extremely sheer it needs three to four, which was very unexpected for me.

Final verdict: No dupes, a real surprise! Indigo has much more blue tones than all the others; 202 is darker than passion for fashion and Blue My Mind is darker than both of them.

See you soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

[Clash of the Polishes] OPI - Road House Blues vs essie - No More Film

Hey guys!

So here we go with the comparison I promised a long while ago...

OPI Road House Blues and essie No More Film bottle shot


OPI Road House Blues vs essie No More Film OPI bottle shot OPI Road House Blues vs essie No More Film essie bottle shot


OPI Road House Blues vs essie No More Film  both bottle shot sunlight


OPI Road House Blues vs essie No More Film  both bottle shot indoors


Final verdict: No More Film is lighter and more "dusty"-looking than Road House Blues. The difference isn't very obvious if you're not close to the nails, but it can be seen if you are. No dupes here, either.

See you soon guys :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

[Clash of the Polishes] Astor - 321 vs essie - In Stitches

Hey guys!

I know I promised another Clash of the Polishes, and I will post that up tomorrow, but since I wore Astor 321 yesterday I did this comparison first. I hope you won't mind :)

Astor Quick 'N Go! 321 vs essie In Stitches


Astor Quick 'N Go! 321


Astor Quick 'N Go! 321 vs essie In Stitches sunlight


So the difference between them seems very obvious, but in real life it's much less noticeable. My camera sort of picked up strong orange-rusty tones from In Stitches, but you can't exactly see that so much unless you hold your hand up right in front of your face.

Final verdict: They are not dupes, although the difference is not as obvious in real life as in the photos.

See you tomorrow for OPI - Road House Blues vs essie - No More Film!