Saturday, October 12, 2013

[Swatch] essie Limited Edition russian roulette - not just a pretty face, muchi, muchi and russian roulette

Hey guys!

So essie's still current LE features five polishes - I know that three of them (russian roulette, fishnet stockings, stylenomics) have been available before. In any case, here are my picks.

not just a pretty face

This is three coats, I believe, with top coat. A sheer, beige-toned nude. The more I look at it the more I regret getting it, I really don't like it too much on me.
muchi, muchi

This is also three coats if I remember correctly, with top coat. It's sort of the pinky sister of "not just a pretty face". Much nicer on me, in my opinion.
russian roulette

Two coats with top coat. A vibrant, orange-toned red. It has a jelly-like formula and remains ever so slightly see-through at two coats, I think. You need to be really close to your nails to see it, though.


  1. Muchi, Muchi (ich finde den Namen ja sehr.. speziell :P) sieht an dir ganz toll aus!

    1. Ich hab keine Ahnung, was das bedeutet, aber es klingt irgendwie süß für mich ^^ Danke!


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