Sunday, January 31, 2016

Swatch Spam - Anny (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

Fashionably late (just not too late yet) I present to you: My first ever swatch spam! It's pretty darn big, so start preparing yourselves while I blather on for a while longer here.

This is my participation in a new series that Lotte and Tine started this year. The goal is basically to get through your untrieds, brand by brand. Every month, a new brand (or more than one!) is chosen.

This month, it's Anny, and while I don't have a ton of their polishes, it did take me a diddly-dang long time to swatch them all. Since I'm so late I have to squeeze them all into one humongous post - are you done preparing? As usual, all polishes (except for those with a special finish like textured or satin) are shown with top coat.

naked venus

I always need three to four coats of this before it stops being patchy - my usual problem with pastels. For a long time, this was considered the next best thing to get if you didn't have the chance to grab essie's fiji before it sold out. I would say it is indeed very close to the first edition of fiji (there are four by now, and that's only counting those that came out in Germany). In any case I do very much like the way it looks.

life is love

Another one of those pastel-like polishes that I need about three coats of to make it look good. It's a bit more beige and "dirty"-looking than naked venus. Lovely shade.

the answer is love

Another highly-coveted one here. This got so popular a few years back that for once, US nail polish lovers were openly envious of us Germans and other Europeans! But just as we here have our ways of getting our hands on polishes from lord knows where in the world, they also found ways to acquire this. And why not? It's gorgeous. There is a similar polish, though, that is probably a lot easier to get for US peeps.

project fame

This is without top coat, as it has a satin finish. It seems to glow from within, and the next photo will show that gorgeous shimmer even better. It will need between two and three coats.

And here it is with top coat. Isn't it simply marvelous?

party is starting

Another pretty red with shimmer, another one that needs two or three coats. The tiny brush (this is a mini) doesn't really help application, either.

my name is red

This one here is also a mini, and it was part of a Valentine's Day duo (the glitter topper that came with it can be found a little further down). It's very pigmented, and althought the small brush is, once again, a bit fiddly, it works out fine with two coats. It looks too orange here, because it's quite a bright red and my camera just noped out.

top of emotion

Like so many other people's, mine has turned into a murky green shade. I'm sure it could be considered an "ugly pretty" shade now, but I much preferred it in its original state. Too bad, really.

black surprise

This mini covers in two coats, and I quite like it for its silver flake-like shimmer.

present for you

The light blue base doesn't have great coverage, but I called it good at two coats anyway as there's lots of glitter going on and I found it was enough for me. I really like the combination of gold, pink and blue glitters here.

dress like a star

I needed three coats here, since the black base is rather sheer and it just didn't seem right before that third coat. Once again I do appreciate the glitter combination used here. I haven't tested this theory, but I suspect that p2 "go dangerous!" is a dupe for this.

perfect artwork

A bit of an unusual glitter blend here, and I can't decide whether I like it or not. Either way, it's a three-coater and completely unique to my collection.

shake it take it

Now this one I have to love, even though it also needs three coats to get to what you see in this photo. But hey, it's pretty anyway!

look of love

I have to say this gave me a bit of a headache. I do like it, but the base is very sheer again and I would recommend applying three to four coats.

timeless love (pointer and middle finger)

While this does get semi-opaque by itself in three to four coats, I think it makes more sense to use it as a topper. I think it's gorgeous, too - so better to preserve as much of it as I can, since it's another mini.

follow me (ring and pinky finger)

While I applied four coats of some other polishes in this post and didn't call them toppers (although, of course, you could use them as such!), I would definitely say that this is best used as a glitter top coat. It just still doesn't really look nice to me, even at four freaking coats. And with a gloopy formula and mini brush, I prefer layering it over a base.

golden dress (over project fame)

Okay, so I don't really know what got into me when I bought this, but I guess it's just me being my weird self. I don't even like bar glitter all that much! At least this one is easy to use - you get lots of glitter on the brush and if you're a bit diligent, you won't have the glitter sticking out over your free edge...

timeless love (over black surprise)

Yep, definitely looks pretty darn good as a top coat as well!

follow me (over naked venus)

And this one definitely is much better as a topper.

kisses for you (over my name is red)

Here's the second mini from the Valentine's Day duo. It's made up of red and white small, as well as white heart glitters. I would recommend layering it over black rather than red, so that you'll be able to make out the small red glitter more easily - because while they seem quite apparent here you have to keep in mind that this is an extreme close-up.

American dream

And we're kicking off the part with all the textured polishes with a three- to four-coater. It's probably the sheerest textured polish I've ever seen. Nevertheless, I do like it quite a bit. And I've done a sort of weird layering with it before that I thought looked quite kick-ass.

highway to heaven

From here on out, it's two-coaters all the way. There are a million polishes out there that look the exact same as this one, but well, it IS pretty!

get your kicks

Again, not unique, but pretty.

rock your nails

One of my favorite textured polish blends, and one that I have from at least one other brand.

after dinner show

I'm running out of things to say, to be honest. It's pretty, but not unique, and I have others exactly like it.

blue hypnosis

Now this one is a bit more special again - I don't think I have a dupe of this. In the bottle it even has a purple duochrome to it (best seen at the left-hand edge and more obvious in person) that unfortunately does not at all translate to the nail - at least I haven't noticed it shifting anymore once it's been applied.

she's amazing

While not incredibly unique I at least haven't seen this combination done a million times by a myriad of brands. I like the combo of the fiery orange-y red with the gold.

I also did my first ever blobbicure with naked venus and the answer is love! I think it turned out pretty well.

And finally, a bit of silliness... A beauty blogger on the hunt for originality.

Phew, that was a lot! It took me about an hour to write this thing, so I hope y'all appreciate it. Truly a swatch spam, don't you agree?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Catrice "It Pieces" (spring/summer 2016 preview collection) - SUNdra, You R On My Mint, Mauve To The Beat

Hey everyone,

While winter gave its debut and - for now - final performance all within about a week's time, cosnova (the parent company behind essence and Catrice, in case you didn't know) is preparing to launch their spring and summer ranges. They have taken to releasing a bit of a teaser collection before coming out with the full range, and naturally I couldn't resist grabbing some of the nail polishes. Four are included in the It Pieces "limited edition" (it's not really limited though because everything becomes permanent until they change again for fall/winter) and I am missing only "Robinson Coralsoe", which just didn't pique my interest. It might correct that at a later point, though...


First off, I don't get the pun behind this. Is it like a play on words with Sandra and sun? Oh well. In any case this needs about two coats and is shown with top coat, as are the other two.

You R On My Mint

How many times has a variation of that been used as a polish name? Lord only knows. This needed three coats for me, again with the pastels it just seems impossible for me to keep it under three coats.

Mauve To The Beat

While I don't personally appreciate the categorizing of colors into "seasonal" shades, I do find this one a bit odd for a spring and summer range. Then again, it is a very lovely color and I think people who need to appear very serious and "business-appropriate" in their workplace would like this quite a bit. Two coats and it should be good to go.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

trend IT UP "Sparkling Glamour" - 050 (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hello everyone,

For today's edition of the series, I unearthed another older swatch - it's not quite as old as the last one, though.

This is so beautiful. That rich base and the gorgeous shimmer... (insert deep, infatuated sigh here). Two coats with top coat, and it's perfection. I know it's brown, but it's so dark and shimmery that I don't care that much.

Monday, January 25, 2016

essence "Hidden Stories" - Rose In Wonderland (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hello everyone,

I had intended to post a swatch spam last week, however, because of the limited daylight and me being terrible at time management (what else is new), it didn't work out that way. So here I go instead with my post of a light pink/rose shade for Lena's "Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!".

This photo is seriously old - over a year, to be exact. I definitely have no idea how many coats this is, but I'm guess-timating that it took two or three to get the pictured opacity. I would like this much more if the texture wasn't there - I think it looks so pretty in the bottle (how many times have we all thought that, though)!

Monday, January 18, 2016

H&M nail polishes - Top or Trash?

Hey everyone,

H&M releasing their updated and expanded line of beauty products got quite a bit of attention, so when I ordered from their website a little while back I decided to get some nail polish - of course! They had three sets available, of which I purchased two. Let's see what shades I chose and how they perform.

These first three polishes are from the 'Precious Neutrals' set.

Masala Chai

This took three coats for me as my nails are ridge-ridden and usually pastel polishes or those that are heavily white-based have trouble covering those evenly. Even so, I like this color quite a bit. The brush on these polishes is wide and rounded, so application was pretty easy for me. This is with top coat, as are the other photos.


This needed two coats only. I don't love it with my skin tone, but it's fine.


This is a mix of bronze and silver, quite small glitters. I applied this over Kalahari, as I thought they matched up nicely. One coat only.

The other set I got is called 'Heaven Sent' (dramatic, are we?).

Neo Noir

This black is pigmented, y'all. I think if you apply it diligently, it might be a one-coater. This, however, is two.

Bijoux over Neo Noir

To be honest, I tried out this combo first, because I knew the glitters would show up much more over this than over Kalahari. Again, just one coat is necessary to get perfect coverage (over a base color, that is!).

Prismatic (over Masala Chai)

This topper, peeps, this topper. Is a mix of silver and silver holographic glitter, in various sizes. You will get a good bit of glitter on the brush, however, I had to manipulate the pieces a bit to get them where I wanted them. Do they lay flat or stick up? Well, I think they do pretty darn well in that regard.

Space Race

Yes, it's holo. Two coats, and you can see all the ridges on my nails. Nevertheless, it's pretty. I just didn't have any sunlight to make the holo show. With just natural lighting on an overcast winter's day, it hid itself - you can only see it a wee bit.

Single polishes are € 4.99 per bottle, however these sets are € 14.99 each, which makes the three polishes contained a ridiculously low amount more expensive than if you bought them individually, which, WTF. I guess the shiny boxes they pack these in and the fact that they are marketed as limited edition make up for the two cents "lost".

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and I do intend to get some more of these, as there are quite a few colors that pique my interest. I would also like to see them in store, though, because some shades I'd like to try are sold out online (like this one, for example) - if only at the moment or more permanently, I do not know. Unfortunately, they do not offer a 'notify me once this is back in stock'-sort of feature on the website. The next store that I know of, however, is in Nuremberg, and unless I felt like going to some other shops as well I wouldn't make the trip.

Now, I know that at least the creme shades aren't very unique or new, but they are nice quality. Are they worth € 4.99 for only 8 ml/0.27 fl oz? Well, if you find something you really like or just can't get enough of, I'd say go for it. Prismatic, Bijoux and Space Race are quite interesting to me, and I would like to discover more like them. I'm not sure if equal amounts/shades/types of products are available in Germany/Europe as there are in the US, but usually the ranges are not the same, so I'm assuming there are some differences.

So what's the final judgment? Top!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Catrice "Rough Luxury"

Hello everyone,

Here's some actually relevant and up-to-date content for you, how 'bout them apples? After the "extravagance" (and tackiness, tbh, as they say) of Treasure Trove, Catrice brought us a distinctly $150 driftwood-inspired LE. What does that even mean? Who knows.
Beware, I forgot to take notes on how many coats I applied of these, so I'm more trying to remember and guesstimate than actually passing on useful information.

Natural Nude

I think this needed three coats. Shown with top coat... While I feel the shade plays fairly nice with my skin tone, I don't appreciate the silvery shimmer a lot. Might be able to overlook that for everyday wear, though.

Rustic Red

More artistic new pose? No? Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program. I could barely get my hand in that position anyway. (Let me know what you think though!)

Probably two coats with top coat. Lovely deep red.

Call Of The Wild

Based on how light this is I'm gonna say two to three coats are needed. This is also with top coat. It's a light grey but somehow I feel like it has a drop of green in there as well.

Arctic Shadows

Oh greys, how I love you. No exception here. I think two coats with top coat.

Frozen Flows

over Natural Nude (ring finger left glossy to see how much of a difference it actually makes on such a light shade)

over Rustic Red

over Call Of The Wild

over Arctic Shadows

All without top coat to preserve the "frosted matt effect", as Catrice calls it.